Allergic asthma in adults is characterized by persistent cough attacks that develop especially at night and show repetitive features, lasting longer than 3 weeks, a feeling of chest tightness, and wheezing attacks. If you suspect that you have allergic asthma and are confused about the preparations you need to make when going to the doctor, you can find useful information in this article.

If Adults Have Allergic Asthma Symptoms, You Can Apply to an Adult Allergy Specialist

If you have symptoms of allergic asthma, you can consult an allergy specialist. Because allergy specialists are specialists who have received training on allergic asthma and allergic diseases and have received an allergy specialization diploma as a result of this training, and are also experts in immunology and allergy diseases, who are also internal medicine specialists.

  • It would be better to bring the medicines you are using with you.
  • It will be useful to bring the medications you are using with you when you go to the allergist.
  • If possible, do not take some medications a week before

Especially if it is not necessary, allergy medicines (antihistamines), cough medicines, cold medicines, antidepressant medicines should not be used under the control of a doctor, starting 1 week before. Because if allergy test is required, you have to stop these drugs one week before. Breathing spray and vapors do not affect the allergy test. Antipyretics and antibiotics containing only paracetamol do not affect the allergy test. However, if it is necessary to use some drugs forcibly, first of all, the patient’s complaints should be reduced, controlled and relieved. Necessary tests can be done after relaxation.

Bring previous tests and x-rays with you.

First of all, if you have previous analyzes and x-ray films, you must bring them with you. Because, necessary analyzes and x-ray films can be taken according to the results of the examination. It is necessary to avoid the repetition of previous analyzes.

Hunger or fullness don’t matter

There is no need to come hungry as allergy testing may be required. Hunger or satiety doesn’t matter. Therefore, it will be better to come full.

As a result;

  • Take any medications you use with you to the adult allergist.
  • If not, stop taking allergy medications, cough medications, and cold and antidepressant medications with your doctor 1 week in advance.
  • You can come full because hunger or fullness is not important.
  • Bring previous analysis with you.