The main symptoms of allergic asthma are frequent coughing, shortness of breath and chest pain. So, if your child has symptoms of allergic asthma, how should you prepare to go to the doctor for the diagnosis of allergic asthma? What should we pay attention to? You should read our article for the answer to your questions.

Allergic Asthma Symptoms

If your child has symptoms of allergic asthma, you can contact a pediatric allergy specialist. Because pediatric allergy specialists are specialists who have received training on allergic asthma and allergic diseases and have received a child allergy specialization diploma as a result of this training and are also pediatrician, with the new name pediatric immunology and allergy diseases specialist.

It would be good to bring the medicines you are using with you

When you go to the pediatric allergy specialist, it will be useful to bring the medicines you are using with you.

If possible, do not take some medicines a week earlier.

Especially if it is not necessary for your child, it is necessary to stop using allergy syrups, cough syrups, cold syrups 1 week before.. Because if an allergy test is required, these drugs should not be used a week before. Breath-enhancing sprays and vapors do not interfere with the allergy test. Antipyretics and antibiotics containing only paracetamol also do not affect the allergy test. However, if it is necessary to use some medications, the child should be relieved first. The necessary tests can be done after relaxation.

Bring previous tests and x-rays with you

First of all, if you have tests and x-rays made before, you should definitely bring it with you. Because, according to the examination results, the necessary tests and x-rays can be taken. It is necessary to prevent the re-analysis of previous tests.

Hunger or satiety is not important

Some families bring their children hungry, as allergy testing may be required. However, hunger or satiety is not important. Therefore, it will be better to come full.

You can bathe your child the day before.

Take a bath the day before you go to the doctor. Because sometimes a sweat test may be required. Therefore, it is important to take a bath the day before for this test.

As a result;

  • When you go to the pediatric allergist, take the medicines you use with you.
  • If not necessary, stop allergy medications, cough medicines and cold medicines 1 week in advance.
  • Bring your child full, as hunger or satiety is not important.
  • Bring along with you the tests and films made before.
  • If possible, give your child a bath the day before.