What Are The Causes of Allergic Asthma?

Allergic asthma is a common disease in children in Turkey like it is in the world. Major symptoms of allergic asthma are frequent cough, respiratory disorder and chest pain. Patients can take precaution accordingly answer of “What are the causes of allergic asthma?” So, this article gives important information to families about allergic asthma.

What are the most important causes of allergic asthma?

The most important cause of allergic asthma is genetic. Apart from that, surrounding allergens, obesity and to be male are other important causes of allergic asthma. And environmental factors such as air pollution, infection, stress and changes in diet can cause allergic asthma.

Genetic is the most important causes in progress of allergic asthma

The risk of progress of asthma in child is between %30 and %50, if mother or father has allergic diseases like asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema. If both mother and father have allergic disease, then the risk of progress of asthma is between %50 and %80. Because the genes causing allergy are transmitted to child.

To be male causes asthma

Especially in children under 14, male children have narrower bronchus than female children. For this reason, the risk of progress of asthma is high risk for the male children under 14.

Obesity causes asthma

Obesity is one of the most important influencing factors of progress of asthma. Fat cells make contribution to progress of asthma in obese children, because fat cells release agents causing asthma.

Caesarean section causes asthma

It is more common to see asthma in children born by caesarean section than children born vaginally. The reason is that children born vaginally experience intestinal microbes and their immune system strengthen while children born by caesarean section don’t experience intestinal microbes and the risk of progress of asthma is high because birth is hygienic.

Air pollution causes asthma

Traffic, building trade and air pollution depending on industry cause asthma inflicting damage on lung.

Diet is a factor causing progress of asthma

Diets like natural diet and Mediterranean diet are protector against asthma while diets like fast food cause asthma.


· Genetic is the most important reason of progress of asthma.

· Male children under 14 are more likely to be asthma.

· Obesity is important reason of progress of asthma.

· Caesarean section causes asthma.

· Air pollution causes asthma.

· Diet can effect progress of asthma.