Home dust mites live in dark, wet and hot conditions. Home dust mites found in all homes, no matter how clean they are, are mostly found in beds, pillows, bedding, blankets, carpets, plush toys and curtains. 1 gram of home dust 19 thousand home dust mites, including live about 500 of them. This figure reaches 10 million in a bed  used for 5 years.

Is it useful to protect your house from mites?

When it is discovered that children with allergies have sensitivity to house dust mites, various measures are necessarily taken. But what is the benefit of these measures in preventing disease, under control, we want to revise it briefly in the light of the latest information.

In 1967, it was first discovered that the most important source of allergens is domestic dust. Later, it was found that the use of mite allergens in skin and blood allergy tests was associated with a high sensitivity to mites. It is clear that the symptoms of asthmatic patients improve in environments cleaned of household dust.

There are various stages of protection from house dust. Is there any benefit in protecting the child from the disease before the disease is detected? The information in our hands shows that the measures taken do not do this. But it shows that an allergic disease is more useful for reducing or controlling the results in people who have been exposed.

The most important place to protect against home dust mites is the children’s bedroom. Because the child spends the longest time there and is able to make the most effective changes.

Home dust mites have different methods of preventing exposure. These measures are covered by two headings;

Steps to take in the bedroom

It is recommended that bedding is washed at a temperature of 60 ° C every 1-2 weeks. But it is claimed that washing in warm water provides almost the same effect. Dryers are also effective in destroying house dust mites.

In addition, you need to remove carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and wool clothing.

HEPA filters must be used for cleaning the air indoors. These filters are very effective in cleaning incoming air, but do not affect the mites in the room

Precautions to take at home

The humidity of the air in the room should be no more than 45% – 50%, especially the use of steam appliances is prohibited. If the humidity is low outside the periodically required airing of the house.

should avoid the use of full-sized carpets and carpets should be kept to a minimum. Because carpets are the most important source of dust flow, and even modern vacuum cleaners are not adapted to cleaning dust streams on carpets. If possible, it is preferable to use carpets. Carpets should be cleaned twice with an electric vacuum cleaner. It was found that vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter and steam cleaners are very effective in cleaning mites. Another method is to keep carp in the sun.

In addition, fabric furniture should be kept to a minimum, especially uncontrolled humidity.

The mask should be worn when you have cleaning in the house and after cleaning at last 20 minutes should not enter this room.

As a result;

Reducing house dust streams with different precautions will not prevent sensitization of dust mites in bad people, but it shows that it is effective to prevent and control the symptoms of the disease in people who are sick.

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