Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is the most common allergic skin disease in infants and children. What is eczema treatment? The question is often asked. In this article, we have written the answer to this question for you.

Complementary and alternative therapies in the treatment of eczema

When it comes to complementary and alternative treatment, it is understood that the treatments performed in addition to the standard eczema treatment. In this article, we discussed these treatments.

Silk Clothes for Eczema Treatment

Silk clothes can be beneficial for eczema treatment. Due to its silk structure, it reduces sweating and absorbs sweat well when sweating. It doesn’t stay wet. Therefore it is useful. Silk clothes can be preferred as underwear. It can be preferred especially in babies and children who sweat a lot.

Special Clothes for Eczema

There are special clothes that can be used to treat eczema. The feature of these clothes is that they contain substances that can be beneficial for the healing of eczema areas on the skin, and also that they have the feature of preventing microbes on the skin. For eczema treatment, babies and children with unresponsive or less responsive eczema can use these clothes.

Private Bath for Children with Eczema

A bath with corn or wheat starch can be recommended for babies and children with eczema. It is beneficial in terms of softening and relaxing the skin

Licorice Root in Children with Eczema

There are studies showing that creams containing licorice root may also be beneficial in children with eczema. However, new studies are needed.

As a result;

A bath with corn or wheat starch may be recommended.

Creams containing licorice root may be beneficial, but it is useful to be supported by new research.