How to Prepare When Going to the Doctor for Pollen Allergy? With the emergence of pollen in the spring season, if you have complaints of runny nose, itching, congestion and sneezing, it is necessary to reveal whether these complaints are allergic or not. If you have decided to go to an allergist for the diagnosis of your complaints compatible with pollen allergy, we will try to give you information on how to prepare.

Should I Go to an Allergy Specialist for Pollen Allergy?

Allergy specialists are doctors who are very experienced in diagnosing pollen allergy along with other allergic diseases and are also internal medicine specialists who receive special training on this subject. For this reason, it is useful to go to an allergist if possible.

When you go to the allergy specialists, it will be diagnosed whether your complaints are allergic or related to other diseases. For example, these complaints of some of the patients with nasal congestion may be due to underactivity of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). The importance of treating thyroid-related disease is to be explained. Allergists are also internists.

On the way to the doctor for pollen allergy

If you have decided to go to the doctor for pollen allergy, and if possible, some of the allergy medications, cough and cold medications, antidepressants, especially antihistamines that you have used before, should be discontinued. For the diagnosis of Pollen Allergy, allergy testing may be required, and unfortunately, these drugs should be discontinued at least 1 week before seeing the doctor, as these drugs will also affect the results of the allergy test. Nasal sprays and inhalers do not affect the allergy test. It doesn’t need to be stopped. In addition, you do not need to stop taking blood pressure medications, thyroid or diabetes medications for your other diseases. If you are using antibiotics, you do not need to stop.

No need to stay hungry.

There is usually no need to fast for the tests required for the diagnosis of Pollen Allergy. Therefore, it is beneficial to come after breakfast.