Food allergy is the reaction of your child’s immune system to that food after eating that. Even a small amount of an allergy-causing food can trigger symptoms in your child. For this reason, after the correct diagnosis by an allergist, the treatment phase is very important for the disease not to progress. So what are alternative and herbal treatment methods for food allergy? We explained it for you in this article.

Alternative and Herbal Treatment Methods for Food Allergy

Studies are continuing on the effectiveness of alternative and herbal treatments that can be applied in food allergy in children. However, some of our patients have tried some of these treatments and seen results.

Herbal Treatment Methods in Food Allergy

In some herbal treatment methods used for the treatment of food allergy, results such as reducing the symptoms of the disease in the child and relieving the patient can be seen. For example, Chinese treatment methods can be given as an example. However, it has not been proven scientifically whether it gives correct results or not. There are also concerns over issues such as the preparation and quality of these treatment methods.

If there is a herbal treatment method that you want to try, you should definitely talk to the allergy specialist who see your child. Because these treatments may have side effects with the drugs your child is using, or they may adversely affect the treatment being applied.

Acupuncture and Acupressure in Food Allergy

There are very few scientific studies on acupuncture as an alternative treatment method for food allergy in children. According to these studies, there is no clear benefit of acupuncture. However, it is recommended that you consult an allergist when acupuncture is desired. Otherwise, it may affect the course of your child’s illness.

Acupressure, on the other hand, is an alternative treatment method, such as acupuncture, by applying pressure to the acupuncture-applied areas of the body in the form of finger massage. The number of scientific studies on acupressure is also limited.