Pediatric Allergic Diseases Center

Pediatric Allergic Diseases Branch

Allergic diseases increase every day and continues to increase in the world and Turkey.

Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases Center

Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases Branch

Pediatric Pulmonology Department is a department handling lung diseases in children.

Pediatry Center

Pediatry Branch

Pediatric Health and Diseases Department is a department handling diagnose and follow-up of frequent diseases in children

Besin Alerjisi Merkezi

Food Allergy Branch

Food allergy is an undesirable effect on health which is repetitive at each intake associated with an abnormal response of…

Allergy Testing Center

Allergy Testing Branch

Allergy tests are the most important medical workups to diagnose allergic diseases and asthma.

Adult Allergic Diseases Center 1

Istanbul Allergy; is a center in Turkey, founded to be at European standards, that every kind of tests can be applied and…

Asthma Center

Istanbul Allergy Asthma Branch is the center established for children and adults with asthma. It is the center that…

ImmunotherapyAllergy Vaccinations Center

Immunotherapy (Allergy Vaccinations) Branch

Immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) is an immune-enhancing treatment method to an allergen causing allergic diseases.

Allergic Rhinitis Center

Allergic Flu (Allergic Rhinitis Branch) is an important disease that can impair the quality of life in children and adults

Drug Allergies Center 2

Unwanted and harmful effects that occur during the use of all kinds of drugs, if our immune system perceives these drugs

Eczema Center 2

Eczema is the most common allergic skin disease in infants and children. Its frequency is increasing day by day in children

Hives Urticaria Center

Hives are the most common allergic skin disease and is an important disease that affects people’s quality of life.

Clinical Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratory examinations are available at Istanbul Allergy. If appropriate, our nurse draws blood samples and blood…

Pulmonary Function Tests Center

Pulmonary Function Tests Branch

Respiratory Function Tests are available at Istanbul Allergy. Respiratory function tests are important diagnostic tools to diagnose…