Allergic diseases rapidly increase in Turkey, as it does in the whole world. While allergic diseases increase, families  are trying to find solution. Although allergic diseases rapidly increase, it is still difficult to find specialist of allergic diseases. And because of these strain and need, Istanbul Allergy has been found by Prof. Ahmet Akcay in March 2016.

While I was in Cincinnati Children Hospital Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Clinic in United States, I experimented that it was more systematic to approach allergic diseases and I saw that there was lots of allergy clinics in lots of cities. I found an opportunity to work at Bernstein Allergy Clinic, I observed Family Allergy Clinic. After all of these observations, we thought about an allergy clinic  in Istanbul and we started to imagine. It must be such a clinic that allergy specialist can work together, the methods used in America will be used and children and adults having allergic problems will be able to find a remedy. So, firstly I thought about the name of our clinic and then I decided on “Istanbul Allergy” after thinking about it for 1 year.

I started to consult with my doctor friends who we can work together. And each my friends said that “You start, then we come.” So I understood that I took the responsibility in this dream.

There was a need for a place for Istanbul Allergy and me and my team searched for a place. We knew that families want a place that is easy to access, having no parking area problem and is centrally located. It was difficult to find a place responsing all of these feature. As a result of the great efforts and research of my friend who was always with me, we saw the place in the Karaosmanoğlu apartment building where Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu lived, opposite City’s Shopping Mall. Historic fabric and comfort of the place glamorized us. After renting the place, we overcame the problems one by one and found Istanbul Allergy in March 2016. To realize my dream, we decorated the place by thinking the best.

Our aim is to provide an ambiance having priority like friendliness, modesty and spirituality while constituting our working team. When coming to Istanbul Allergy, we know that you will be happy, not unwilling. We are ready to bring our imagine to the future as Istanbul Allergy team feeling the enthusiasm.

Istanbul Allergy Specialists

We prepare an ambiance for allergy specialists to work together and wait for them demanding to work with us at Istanbul Allergy. We think we can achieve more, if we come together. We started our journey with this slogan in February 2017 as Adult Allergy Diseases, Asthma Specialist and Internal Diseases Specialist Asst. Prof. Ramazan Ersoy,MD said I am in too.

As of February 2017, Prof Ahmet Akçay,MD has been serving pediatric patients and pediatric allergy, asthma immunology and pediatric pulmonology patients under the age of 18; Asst. Prof. Ramazan Ersoy,MD serves to allergy patients, asthma and internal diseases patients aged 18 and over.

At the end of 2017, Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases Prof. C. Dost Zeyrek,MD joined us with our Ataşehir Branch.

At the beginning of 2018, Adult Allergy Specialist and Pulmonary Diseases Specialist Kürşat Epöztürk joined the Istanbul Allergy Ataşehir Branch. With advanced English and French, Kürşat Epöztürk empowered the Istanbul Allergy Family.

Our team keeps getting stronger everyday…

Every achievement starts with dream…

Prof. Ahmet Akçay,MD

Founder of Istanbul Allergy