Istanbul Allergy Doctors

Istanbul Allergy Doctors are physicians serving all children and adults, all of whom have a specialization in allergy. Pediatric allergy doctors are specialists who hold a pediatric allergy doctor diploma by becoming a specialist in pediatric allergy and immunology after becoming a pediatric health specialist. The Istanbul Allergy pediatric allergy doctors also having a specialization in pediatric pulmonary diseases gives them a privilege.

Istanbul Allergy Adult Allergy Doctors are specialists in internal medicine and chest diseases, who specialize in Allergy Diseases and have Allergy Specialist diploma.

Istanbul Allergy has set out to become a leader in the treatment of allergic diseases in Turkey. It is an organization that leases space for doctors who will operate especially in the allergy branch and allergy-related branches. It also provides secretarial and cleaning services to physicians who rent space to be used as a practice.