Istanbul Allergy in Istanbul / Şişli…

Combining a guest-oriented approach, experienced physician staff and multidisciplinary work in our Nişantaşı center, Istanbul Allergy, which grows with the value it receives from its patients, aims to be the pioneer of reliable and quality healthcare. As Istanbul Allergy, which aims to use advanced diagnosis and treatment methods simultaneously with the world, our aim is your “health”.

Istanbul Allergy Nişantaşı branch was established in March 2016 by Prof. Ahmet Akçay,MD. Aims to bring the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases in children and adults to the world standards in Turkey.

Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases Specialist Prof. Ahmet Akçay,MD and Adult Allergy and Internal Diseases Specialist Asst. Prof. Ramazan Ersoy,MD is on duty in Istanbul Allergy Nişantaşı branch.

All allergic diseases and asthma-related examinations are carried out in Istanbul Allergy Nişantaşı branch.

Istanbul Allergy , which has been growing and growing day by day after its opening, leaving its two years behind with its technology, Professor physician staff and its devotion to the value it places on human life, has become a reference center in health in a short time.

Istanbul Allergy , which opens its doors for a healthy and allergy-free life, knows that the greatest treatment begins with peace. The first branch of the Istanbul Allergy , where the patient is followed up by the Professors, cared with attention and treated with the advantages of technology, is located in Şişli Nişantaşı, Istanbul. The Istanbul Allergy , with its second branch in Istanbul Ataşehir, adopts a culture where scientific studies are carried out hand in hand with practice.

The medical team of Istanbul Allergy , which designs the private health sector studies on the scientific platform and compares its medical results with the best centers in the world, derives its power from its top specialization. Istanbul Allergy Team will continue to shed light on different topics and become a leader in this journey.

We continue our journey that we started with Nişantaşı branch at the beginning of 2016 with our other branches.

In Istanbul Allergy, we are preparing the environment where many allergy specialists can work together. We say that if we come together we can achieve great success. We went on this journey with this slogan.

We aimed to be one of the leading health institutions in the world in clinical data.

Istanbul Allergy Nişantaşı branch contact:

Call Center: 0850 433 93 93