Instructions for Use of Neohaler

  1. Remove the lid of the device.
  2. Push the nozzle of the device to see the capsule.
  3. Insert the capsule into the capsule-shaped space.
  4. Turn the nozzle off.
  5. Hold the device upright and push and release the side buttons once. In this way, holes are opened in the capsule. It should not be pressed more than once.
  6. Sit upright or stand up. Hold your head in the upright position and gently lift your head back, hold the device in a horizontal position.
  7. Breathe out away from the device until the lungs empty. Never blow into the appliance.
  8. Place the nozzle of the device between your teeth and grasp the device firmly with your lips.
  9. Breathe as DEEP and FAST as you can.
  10. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Remove the device from your mouth and switch it off. After 10 seconds you can breathe through your nose.

– The device lid opens. It is seen that there is no powder in the capsule and the capsule is discarded. If the capsule is not completely emptied, the procedure is repeated starting from article 4.

  1. Close the device lid.
  2. After the application, gargle your mouth and throat with plenty of water to prevent aphtha and coughing. Do not swallow water. You can brush your teeth instead of gargle with water.

Things to Be Paid Attention:

– Neohaler type drugs are recommended for people over 6 years of age and that are able to use this medicine. It is not recommended for those who are not inhaling strong and deep enough. Inhalation therapy is recommended for those who cannot inhale strongly. It is a good idea to see your doctor if you use the right technique.

– Never blow into the device.

– Never store in the refrigerator. Store at room temperature.

– You can use it until the expiration date. Your medicine does not deteriorate. Do not use if the expiration date is exceeded.

– Use your medicine at the dose and duration recommended by your doctor.

– To clean the nozzle, you can clean the outside of the nozzle once a week with a dry cloth. Do not wipe with water or other liquid.

– Consult your doctor if you notice an unexpected effect.

– Use your medicine regularly and with the right technique for your lung health.

– Please do not hamper your doctor checks.


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