Immunotherapy (Allergy Vaccinations) Branch

Immunotherapy (Allergy Vaccine)

Immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) is an immune-enhancing treatment method to an allergen causing allergic diseases.Allergy vaccine decreases the need for medicine of patients with asthma and allergy.

Istanbul Allergy Immunotherapy (Allergy Vaccine) Branch

In Istanbul Allergy, allergens causing allergic disease are determined and allergy vaccine can be applied in case of need. Only an allergist can apply allergy vaccine. Absolutely pediatric allergist must apply allergy vaccines to children from birth to 18 years. Because pediatric allergist are educated on allergy vaccines for children, otherwise wrong therapy doesn’t avail and can be life-threatening.

Below-mentioned allergic diseases can be treated at Istanbul Allergy;

  • Asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Bee allergies
  • Vaccine treatment for food allergy (on trial)

Below-mentioned allergy vaccine types are available at Istanbul Allergy;

  • Sublingual tablet, sublingual spray and sublingual vaccine
  • Subcutaneous injection

What is the future of immunotherapy?

It strives to find ways to help your immune system fight cancer, better understand its defense mechanisms and how they protect you.

Science also looks at how to combine immunotherapy with other treatments to make it work much better. Researchers also examine what happens when two different types of immunotherapy are combined.

An important question remains unanswered: Why does this method – as with traditional treatments – work for one patient and not for another?

Research and findings discovery process continues.