Clinical Branch

Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratory examinations are available at Istanbul Allergy. If appropriate, our nurse draws blood samples and blood analysis are made at our contracted laboratory.

Istanbul Allergy Clinical Laboratory

Istanbul Allergy Laboratory has been founded to handle blood analysis. Families wants allergy tests and other examinations for allergic diseases to be handled in the same place, they don’t want to go from door to door for results. The aim of Istanbul Allergy is to handle and conclude every type of examinations and tests in the same place and to plan treatment according to diagnosis.

Below-mentioned clinical tests are available at Istanbul Allergy;

  • Allergy tests (skin prick test)
  • Molecular Allergy Test (300 Allergens)
  • Patch test
  • Metal patch test
  • Respiratory function test

Below-mentioned tests are available at Istanbul Allergy Clinical Laboratory;

  • Allergy blood tests
  • Biochemistry analysis
  • Urine analysis
  • Stool analysis
  • Microbiological tests

Laboratory Partners

In our clinic, laboratory investigations are carried out by Synevo Laboratory, Centro Laboratory (Biruni Central Laboratory), Gelişim Laboratory and Düzen Laboratory, which are our working partners. Blood tests are taken by our Istanbul Allergy pediatric nurse, who is very experienced in collecting blood within our clinic.

Allergy tests and respiratory tests are carried out within our clinic. Then our doctors interpret on them.