Asthma Center

Istanbul Allergy Asthma Center is the center established for children and adults with asthma. It is the center that follows the developments in the world and established for diagnosis and treatment in the light of these developments.

Istanbul Allergy Asthma Center

Asthma is one of the most common long-term diseases in children and adults. Therefore, both diagnosis and treatment are very important. The Istanbul Allergy Center Asthma Center performs all blood tests and respiratory function tests for asthma diagnosis. In addition, nitric oxide test and exercise test in the exhaled breath, which may be necessary for the diagnosis of asthma, will be performed very soon.

Allergy vaccine treatment based on Allergen component is provided in Asthma Center

In the treatment of asthma, the allergy vaccine is administered by the component-based allergy treatment method which is the last point in the world. Allergen component-related allergic vaccine treatment provides vaccine treatment with only real allergens and prevents unnecessary cross-reactivity with vaccine treatment. This enables vaccine treatment with fewer and more effective allergens.

Asthma treatment with Pediatric and Adult Allergy Specialists

A large proportion of asthma in children and adults is due to allergies. Specialists who receive special training in this field are pediatric allergy specialists and adults allergy specialists. Istanbul Allergy provides asthma treatment with Pediatric Allergy Specialists and Adult Allergy Specialists. Pediatric allergy specialists in Istanbul Allergy is also a pediatric chest specialists, it is a great privilege for astma patients. There are very few specialists with both the Pediatric Allergy Specialist and the Pediatric Chest Diseases Specialist. Both professors at the Istanbul Allergy are doctors with both Pediatric Allergy Specialist and Pediatric Chest Disease Specialist diplomas. This is very important in the diagnosis and treatment of children with asthma.

As a result

  • Asthma diagnosis and treatment in Istanbul Allergy is carried out by pediatric allergy specialists in children and adult allergy specialists in adults.
  • In The Istanbul Allergy, diagnose and treatment is made in light of the latest developments in the world.
  • Allergy vaccine based on allergen components is administered in Istanbul Allergy.

In our center where technology is used at the highest level, comfort is not compromised. Istanbul Allergy Asthma Center offers a peaceful environment where all asthma tests are performed without waiting.