Allergy Tests

Allergy tests are the most important medical workups to diagnose allergic diseases and asthma. Thanks to allergy tests, it is easy to find the reason behind asthma and allergic diseases and after determining the reason, allergy vaccines are planned.

Department of Allergy Tests

All kinds of the tests used at diagnosing asthma and allergy are available at Istanbul Allergy. Allergy tests are applied with scratch test(skin prick test), patch test, allergy blood testing. Allergy tests for children must be performed by pediatric allergist and allergy tests for adults must be performed by allergist. Specialist educated on pediatric allergy and allergy are major in allergy tests.

Below-mentioned tests are available at Department of Allergy Tests;

  • Skin Prick Test(On Skin)
  • Patch Test
  • Food Challenge Test
  • Nickel Allergy Test
  • Allergy Blood Testing
  • Penicillin and Antibiotic Allergy Test
  • Local Anesthetic and General Anesthetic Allergy Test

What should I pay attention to while coming for allergy test?

It is necessary to discontinue the medication affecting result of allergy tests one week ago.  Some of these medications are cough syrup, common cold medications and allergy drugs. Antibiotics and other inhalation drugs do not affect allergy tests. Child mustn’t feel difficulty in breathing on allergy test.

At what age can you start testing for allergy?

Allergy tests are suitable for one or two-month babies beside being suitable for every age. For asthma and allergic rhinitis, allergy tests must are suitable after one or two-years old.